Books by Sue Hart

The Past-Life Memory Series are all standalone novels with only mentions of the characters in the previous books.

EVIDENCE: A Past-Life Memory

“Sometimes, life calls us back to live again.”
Maggie Warner has a gift of memory concerning all the days of this life and some from her last one. Her family’s doubts leave Maggie frustrated. Only Robert Malone, neuropsychologist, and his memory inducing technology can prove her claim. His godson, Jack, gives her confidence to hunt, strength to face what comes, and encouragement to see it through, as their love grows into something extraordinary.


Mistakes can change lives, or end them.

Sharon is plagued by a relentless nightmare of falling to her death. The memory inducing BENA technology reveals she was murdered in her past-life. Curios, she investigates through the Internet and discovers the murderer is still alive. Still wanting to learn more, she flies to where it all happened. She cannot imagine trouble coming again, but he learns of her investigation and her death is what he wants. Her survival depends on two men and the FBI.

Dreams of You: A Past-Life Memory

Not even death could keep them apart.

Adam has dreams of being a Scottish warrior in love with the laird’s daughter.  Beth has nightmares of being in a marriage of brutality.  Reborn to fate, only a miracle can orchestrate, their lives merge once again.  By using BENA technology, which restores memories of a past life, Adam regains more of these ancient memories of the woman he loved and died for.

The Forester Series consists of five brothers and their younger sister during the year of 1888 and the old west. 

CHALLENGES: The Foresters, book 1

 Being a female isn’t always easy.

Lori Forester’s five older brothers raised her to ride like an Indian, shoot the head off a match with blinding speed, and hunt with skill and cunning, like a brother. In 1888, men challenge her will and create situations that test her fortitude. Her keen wit and beauty flock men to her, but only one gives her what the others don’t… admiration for all her capabilities.

Layers Deep: The Foresters, book 2

Diggin’ deeper to find the truth.

Two of the Forester brothers have a new challenge. Frank embraces his—convincing Sarah that she should marry him. But it isn’t that easy for Jacob. The dark haired beauty, who Frank has invited to their ranch because of her circumstances, has a stubborn independent streak that has Jacob swearing he’ll teach her a lesson she’ll never forget. Though, Frank wonders if it’s Jacob who will learn the hard way.

Below is the new book for my line of Regency Romance.

En garde, Milady

The Marquess of Greystone has a shipping line, has fought pirates, and tolerates his aunts meddling desire to see him wed. He wants children, but also seeks an original. A woman who will love him as well as the adventure he craves. Little does he know, Gabriella Barrington, in all her stubborn, outspoken beauty, will quickly prove no other woman compares to her adventuresome spirit. One sporting dance with swords is all it takes.



Author: suehartauthor

I was born in West Texas and have visited most of the states and lived in quite a few as well. I have also toured southeast Asia and lived on Okinawa for a few years. I'm a mother and a grandmother as well. Novels and research into various things have always sent my imagination climbing. Writing is an offshoot of this. Over the past ten years I have studied the art of writing until I learned the skill. We all have our own style of writing. Just like people have different fingerprints. We also tell a story differently. If we didn't, we would soon grow bored. I choose to throw you into the scene with characters beginning the plot and you will feel like you're watching and listening to them. By doing this, you (the reader) become part of what is going on... and I have more fun presenting the story.

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