My Story

Some people are born to write. I began on a dare. At the time, I was pushing fifty years old. All my life I read as if I’d die without finding another book. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed or not, but many books are built on the same platform and I became bored. My husband suggested I write my own and encouraged me to do so. Well let me tell you, there is more to writing a story than meets the eye. If there was a mistake to be made, I did it. There’s no way around it, because you have to study how to put one together. Thank goodness we have the Internet. That’s where I began. Now I have six books completed, which will be published soon.  I also have a short story being published in an anthology book for charity, called The One Million Project. It will be released for Christmas. Thanks for popping in to meet me.


Author: suehartauthor

I was born in West Texas and have visited most of the states and lived in quite a few as well. I have also toured southeast Asia and lived on Okinawa for a few years. I'm a mother and a grandmother as well. Novels and research into various things have always sent my imagination climbing. Writing is an offshoot of this. Over the past ten years I have studied the art of writing until I learned the skill. We all have our own style of writing. Just like people have different fingerprints. We also tell a story differently. If we didn't, we would soon grow bored. I choose to throw you into the scene with characters beginning the plot and you will feel like you're watching and listening to them. By doing this, you (the reader) become part of what is going on... and I have more fun presenting the story.

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