My Story

Some people are born to write. I began on a dare. At the time, I was pushing fifty years old. All my life I read as if I’d die without finding another book. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed or not, but many books are built on the same platform and I became bored. My husband suggested I write my own and encouraged me to do so. Well let me tell you, there is more to writing a story than meets the eye. If there was a mistake to be made, I did it. There’s no way around it, because you have to study how to put one together. Thank goodness we have the Internet. That’s where I began. Now I have three books completed and ready for publication. Very soon, I’ll be posting excerpts here for you to take a look.
Thanks for popping in to meet me.


Author: suehartauthor

I'm addicted to the written word. I began with a love of reading, gravitated to trying my hand with a novel, and for years I've studied all I could find on how to write a winning novel. The fact is, we all have our own style of writing. Just like people have different fingerprints. We also tell a story differently. If we didn't, we would soon grow bored. Celebrate our differences.

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