Goals of Writing by Sue Hart

This is the post excerpt.


I’ve been writing for a ten years now and studying what readers enjoy. The characters call to me and always lead the plot since it’s their story. Each scene is visual to me and I make certain the reader clearly sees it too.  I do not enjoy silly, weak, and annoying protagonists so they are not in my books. Though, I do like ridiculous antagonists because they are fun in a comedy. In a mystery, those antagonists are truly terrifying, as they should be.

Each book I write has research to build the circumstances of the book, whether it is sword fighting, boxing, reincarnation, or medical technology giving the book truth behind the fictional story.

The series: Past-Life Memories takes you back from the present day to their past life, so this adds the historical to the books. My Historical covers the Wild Wild West to Regency Romance.  I also add the romance of the past-life and with the Foresters Series, two romances are included, which have become quite popular.

Recently, my goal has been to discover what the readers want to read. Wattpad has afforded me the format for this test. I believe I am seeing positive results.



Romance, Danger, Humor

Author: suehartauthor

I was born in West Texas and have visited most of the states and lived in quite a few as well. I have also toured southeast Asia and lived on Okinawa for a few years. I'm a mother and a grandmother as well. Novels and research into various things have always sent my imagination climbing. Writing is an offshoot of this. Over the past ten years I have studied the art of writing until I learned the skill. We all have our own style of writing. Just like people have different fingerprints. We also tell a story differently. If we didn't, we would soon grow bored. I choose to throw you into the scene with characters beginning the plot and you will feel like you're watching and listening to them. By doing this, you (the reader) become part of what is going on... and I have more fun presenting the story.

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